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SwingerZoneCentral.com, also called SZC, is one of the US's more experienced and well-known swinging communities. But still, those who are new to the world of swinging might not be familiar with the site at all.

Having said that, this article aims to review SZC to give you a better glimpse of the platform. Does it really live up to its claims? What features does it have? How much will it cost you to join one? Continue reading below to find the answers to all your questions and put an end to any doubts you might have about SZC.


Overall Review

Swinger Zone Central is a site especially made for swingers who wish to connect with other couples or singles for sexual encounters. Established in 2006, the site has a large user base of members and different ways to connect with other couples. If you are a committed swinger searching for a low-priced option, you can enjoy a lifetime membership to the site for a one-time fee.

Some of the features of the site look like they were inspired by Facebook. Members create profiles styled like those on Facebook complete with photos and leave posts on the walls of other users. When you follow another user, which is the same as being friends with someone on Facebook, it means that their updates and photos will show up in your news feed. Members can stay updated with the rest of the members of the site by also checking the feeds of new members.

How It Works

While Swinger Zone Central may not be the fanciest of all swinger sites out there, it still gives you enough opportunities to describe yourself as well as what you hope to discover.

You can look for other members and check their profiles you can rate from 10 to 1. The built-in filters let you block out anyone who doesn’t fit into your criteria. You can have smokers filtered out, for example. You can also view the other members’ sexual preferences on their profiles, which include their sexual fetishes.

You can also see the recent viewers of your profile and send users messages and meet requests. Users can also create and browse parties to meet other users in a group setting, check out swinger’s clubs’ listings by state, and even post the dates of their trips to find hookups while on the road.

Website Features

SwingerZoneCentral.com got all the basic features you would expect from hookup platforms. This has a one-to-one live chat and internal messaging system. Both modules perform their task just well.

Two of the most unique features of the site were the booty call and sexting options. The sexting option lets you send a message to another user that is completely for sexting purposes. Other members can send you requests as well. You can block, reject or accept each request. This really comes in handy as it clears things on the chat and messaging models by creating an exclusive channel for sexting.

Meanwhile, the booty call feature lets you locate members searching for action at a particular moment. You are allowed to browse through the local booty call notices or even post your own. Booty call notices are all required to include your available timeframe for the booty call.

As mentioned earlier, Swinger Zone Central also lets you browse the wall of other members. Although the search function of the site is not as modern or fanciful as that of other sites, it offers enough filtering options to provide you with relevant suggested matches.

The site also has sections that cater to parties and groups. It also offers a practical and useful online adult store with many options and categories to look for merchandise to add spice to sexual encounters.


Basic access to Swinger Zone Central is free but the features you can access will be limited. You need a paid membership if you want to use the sexting feature or online chat module.

A 1-month membership will cost you $14.95, $29.95 for 3 months, $34.95 for 6 months, and $54.95 for 12 months. A monthly auto-renewal option is also available that lowers the monthly charge to only $9.95.

But the best value comes from a lifetime membership for a one-time charge of just $59.95 for full-paid privileges.

Chances of Success

As long as you put your heart and mind into finding swingers on the site, you can pretty much have peace of mind knowing that you will meet the person or persons you are looking for in no time. Also, since profiles are removed after being inactive for 180 days, you can be sure that you won’t be wasting any of your precious time here.


Users of Swinger Zone Central are allowed to control different settings on their profiles, such as the photos they want to keep private. Profiles don’t display full names, either and your details are kept secure.


All in all, it is safe to say that Swinger Zone Central is one of the best swinging sites for people who want profile pages to be filled with photos rather than long written descriptions. If you want a more visual swinger site, this is definitely the best place to be.

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