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Swinger dating websites are now all over the internet, making people more interested in the unique swinging lifestyle. One of the up-and-coming swinging sites today is How does the site compare to other sites of its kind? Does it live up to expectations? Does it deliver its promises?


Overall Review

If you are single or a swinging couple who wants to join other like-minded people for some adult fun and excitement, you might have no idea which site is the best to become a part of the swinging community in a way that is discreet, safe, and fun all at the same time.

Even if you may already be a part of another online hookup or dating site, you might find these platforms to be enough to meet new people for encounters. However, these may not fare well for swingers, couples, and other unique multi-partner adventures. is a site that has been in the industry for some time now, focusing entirely on the modern swinging community, including those who are newbies, experienced swingers, and of course, even those who are just curious about this one-of-a-kind community.

The website is best described as a unique online community for swingers with a somewhat old-school social media feel. When it comes to age, anyone who is 18 years old and above is welcome to the site. The platform is also open to both individuals and couples of different sexual orientations and preferences.

The community that has forged through the years is active and accommodating at the same time. It means that it will be seen as effective and useful by those who are dipping their toes into the swinging waters for the first time and also those who have been into a swinger lifestyle through the years.

If you are proudly an experienced swinger, you will surely find a lot of like-minded people who are also as experienced and willing as you in searching for a hookup. But don’t worry if you are a newbie because the community is also eager and welcoming to help you discover more about group sex and the pleasure and fun it has to offer.

How It Works

The sign-up process to is very fast and easy and the only thing that users need to do is to fill in basic details before they can create their account on the site.

It is also relatively fast to fill out a user profile, something that you might want to pay attention to if you want to increase your chances of meeting new people.

Once you have finished creating your profile, you can then proceed to search for your next partner for your dream sexual adventures.

Basically, you can edit both your profile and your profile photo. You can also update your email address and change your username as you please throughout your use of the site.

Website Features

At first, you don’t need to pay for anything upfront once you join the site and experience all the exciting benefits that has to offer. You will even get access to most of the useful features of the site.

The search function also comes in handy, a very useful tool you can use to delve deeper into the specifics during your search for your next swinging partner. You can use this search tool even if you are just a free member of the site. In addition, you can send mail to other members as well with no need to be a paid member.

You can also view photos of other members for free. This is among the main features of the site that you can experience with no need to spend any dollar out of your pocket.

Now, you might be wondering if it will still be worth it to get a premium membership if a free member alone is already enough for you to enjoy all the benefits it has to offer. However, after a certain timeframe, you will be required to upgrade to a paid premium membership just so you can continue to browse and use the site.

However, you can enjoy more exciting benefits if you are a premium member. Only paying members can also view some profiles and photos. Specific features are also exclusively available for paid members.


You can use free of charge. You can sign up, view profiles, browse, email, add pictures, comment, chat, and so much more all for free. You can also use the platform as a free member for as long as you want but as expected, more fun awaits premium members., however, doesn’t offer any trial membership period. The membership on the site is either paid or free.

Chances of Success

You can enjoy high chances of success at with the help of its different features, especially the chat system.

Privacy also knows and understands how much its members value privacy so they make it a point to offer options and settings to keep your profile, album photos, and videos private. You can also report or block someone as needed.


All in all, is a worthy site to check out if you are hoping to jump into the swinging lifestyle in no time.

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