nsa dating

What is a no strings attached(NSA) relationship?

A no strings attached, or NSA relationship works on the key basis that the two persons involved decide to have a relationship together that is purely sexual. There can be no feelings for the other person, and when it comes to anything in-depth, this must be about sex alone, what you expect from one another, and the relationship as far as pleasure is concerned.

The two of you don’t have to be in a relationship just to get to know more about the other person on a deeper and more emotional level. This kind of relationship is called no strings attached since quite literally, you don’t have anything that will attach you together.

You will also not be committed to the other person in any form or way aside from the fact that you will have sex together. The only reason why you are both in this relationship is for the purpose of fulfilling your sexual need as well as the sexual needs of the other person.

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