age gap dating

What is an age gap relationship?

For some couples, there is much more to age than being just a number. An age gap relationship(usually for older men younger women, or older women younger men) or sometimes known as a May-December relationship is made up of one person who is notably older than the other person.

If there is a substantial age gap that exists between the two people, age will be a prominent concern, and often a deal-breaker during the early stages of the development of the relationship. The differences in age between partners might usually be about three years or less.

However, this is not the case for people who enter this kind of relationship. Age-gap relationships are not really unheard of, partly because of the burgeoning acceptance of society of these age gaps. These partners might not have more things in common and may also have different belief systems.

However, they may still be compatible in the long run, depending on the choice that the partners make. Age gap relationships can work as long as the two persons involved choose to do so.

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