Review and Best Alternatives for Personals in 2022

BY Admin: is one of the largest classified sites on which you can post ads for relationship options. It is a go-to platform if you want to find personal ads with a good variety. The platform has a charming design that makes it easy for you to post any ads. So, you can post ads searching for a companion, date, or even sexual relationship. The platform, as a replacement for Craiglist, is also relatively safe as it can filter out the creeps. Therefore, you can discover your sexual needs without fear of being detested. The site has some of the best offers you can find for personals in 2022. However, there are also numerous other Doublelist alternatives for personals that may be exciting, keep reading, we will list some of the best below.

Doublelist home

How to Use the

You have to start by opening and on the site. The personals dating site offers its services free of charge. Thus, its users can post their ads all for free. Besides, the site has an insightful plan that is straightforward to use. Apart from the section where ads are published, also has a dedicated area providing articles on sexual education. Accordingly, you can discover something new you might not know about sex and learn more regarding sexual safety.

In addition, the site provides a one of its kind chat feature for its users. The chat feature enables you to conveniently start conversations with other users on the website. You can contact another user via the message option on the ads if you like them.

Moreover, things are even made simpler with the presence of filters on the site. You can filter out and find users with similar interests as yours. As such, users do not have to spend much time trying to look for people with whom they may match. Again, the filters can filter out users based on gender or sexual orientation. Hence, this can narrow down the options of the user's wishes.

It does not end there, and the platform's filters include the geolocation option. You can choose whether you want to meet people from your locality or elsewhere. The geolocation filter is mainly instrumental in facilitating meetings between people based on neighborhood choice. Furthermore, the user's profile is verified using the phone number. Consequently, you can be sure you are chatting with genuine people.

Ultimately, using platform alongside numerous other similar sites is advantageous. They help converge people with the same interests. Thus, users of the sites know they are in the right place. The users can use the dating sites conveniently at any time of the day. With the numerous customized features, you can easily find the match of your preference on these sites.

The only notable shortcoming of the site is the lack of a dedicated app. A good number of Doublelist alternaives have a dedicated app. Even then, the site has an excellent mobile-friendly platform. You can comfortably access the site from your mobile device and easily navigate through it.

Doublelist post Main Features

Once you create an account on the site, you can view classified personal ads from other users. You will see the most recent ads first. Besides, you can also post your personals which you can view from your account. The site also allows you to send direct emails to the poster when replying. You may include photos when replying to ads.

More features of the this site include:

  • You can pick your city or the one nearest to you
  • Allows you to choose "Connect Now" or "Let's Date" right now
  • Hook up posts are sorted by major cities in the USA, Canada, Australia and United Kingdom.

Pros of

If you are looking for hookups, this platform is one of the excellent sites you should join. It has many benefits for users who want to quickly and conveniently hookup. Here are some of the advantages of the site.

1. Easy to Navigate

The platform is among the most accessible sites to use in the market. It has an astute and straightforward user interface. You need one click to complete most of the tasks on this site. The user experience is hassle-free and straightforward in finding casual hookups.

2. Caters for Both Gender and People of All Sexual Orientations

The site does not discriminate against either gender. You can also easily find people of a given sexual orientation as long as you specify your interest.

3. Free Services

All the platform's services are offered entirely free for its registered members. But there is a limit of times you can add posts and upload photos. You can post twice a day, and each ad is limited to four images.

4. Excellent Anti-spam Protection

Doublelistsite, like all other online dating sites, is a prime target of spammers and scammers. Nonetheless, the site's team has done its best to keep spammers at bay. First, you have to be a registered user with an account to post ads. Secondly, your account must be verified using your phone number.

5. Non-Tolerance Guiding Principle

The site tries to create a safe environment for users to look for hookups. The site can not tolerate the user's illegal activities, and those liable are banned from the site permanently.'s Cons

With all its unique advantages, the platform still has a few disadvantages. Below are some that you should know.

1. Presence of Fake Accounts

Though the platform has some anti-spam mechanisms in place, the site is not entirely immune to spam. Even the sites with sophisticated anti-spam mechanisms have not completely kept spammers out of their way.

2. Fairly New Site

The platform was launched in 2018. Some cities, especially the smaller ones, may not yet be on the site menu. Hence, its user base may not be that diverse.

3. Sham Legal Age Verification

The site stipulates you must be of legal adult age to gain access. But legal adult age varies depending on your area, either 18+ or 21+. It is almost impossible to verify the user's age. Thus, users can easily falsify their age.

4. It has no a dedicated app

A good number of Doublelist alternaives have a dedicated app. Even then, the site has an excellent mobile-friendly platform. Personals Alternatives

It is an enormous online dating site where both single men and women can find a caring partner. With over 66 million users globally, the site focuses on offering its users long-term and lasting relationship solutions. Through eHarmony, many users have found the partners of their lives.

Special Features of

  • Unlimited time account: You can use the account indefinitely. The site will not delete dormant accounts.
  • Personal profile: Each user profile has vital details such as name, kind of relationship sought, personal characteristics, etc.
  • Straight community: The site caters only to straight males and females
  • Send a smile: You can send a smiley to a profile owner of your interest by clicking a smile icon next to the recommended profile lists
  • Video date: Allows a user to interact with matches via video mode
  • Guided communication: Offers indicative message for starting or replying to a message

It is a dating platform that has revolutionized the users' feelings about love. Usually, love stories start with those around you in learning institutions and workplaces. If you are unlucky to find your love in your vicinity, an online dating site can be an option. At, you can find a faithful partner. The aim is to help users meet new people, discover their likes, and possibly end in marriage. In short, is not a platform for hookups.

Special Features of
  • Like feature: Enables you to locate users that have shown interest in you and those attracting you
  • Reverse matches: A section that separates incompatible profiles to your preferences, saving you time
  • Match: A paid feature that puts you on top of the suggestion list of the profile you like to gain their attention
  • Boost: Place your profile on top of the suggestion list for swift results, albeit for a limited time

If you haven't signed up, you won't have access to a database of profiles. As a result, the site ensures users date responsibly. You can only start a chat with a user of mutual liking. So, you have to like each other first before becoming friends. The site is famous to the younger generation in particular.

Special Features of Tinder

  • Top picks: The feature enables you to view the top profile specifically picked for you
  • Super like: You are offered a super like daily, which you can send to a user you like most. But with a premium subscription, you are given more super likes
  • Tinder U: Enables university students to connect swiftly.
  • Swipe: You can change your locality and search for people globally

Regarded as the top hookup site for gays, it boasts a broad database of users. Over 10 million people use the site to search for sexual fling partners. It has pay-per-view adult movies with most other services free of charge. The site is open for gays, bisexuals, metrosexuals, and from any country.

Special Features of Adam4adam

  • Sex shop: An online shop selling sex toys, among other merchandise
  • Health resources: The site offers users a list of medical consults registered with the site
  • Live cams: Users can watch live streams of others but at a fee
  • Movies: Pay to view pornographic movies are available
  • Plan a trip: Allows sharing of traveling plans to make hookups easy

The site is specifically tailored for bisexuals to meet and explore their sexuality. BiCupid embraces bisexuals without scorn. The site gives men and women freedom to explore themselves without the limits of social norms. BiCupid offers protection to bisexuals against the anger of those who don't accept this dating concept.

Special Features of BiCupid

  • Spark: This allows you to view a profile at a time by swiping left or right
  • Bisexual date ideas: Allows both standard and premium users to share and arrange fun dates
  • Reverse matches: Separates your incompatible users

The site is among the most popular, with a large user base. It is the best alternative to Adultfriendfinder is tailor-made for single men and women looking for sex and hookups. The site is intuitive and easy to use. It is also very popular with swingers and users looking for threesomes. If you want to spice up your love life, the site is your place.

Important Features of

  • Live cams: You can watch live stream videos of other users
  • Adult chatrooms
  • Erotic stories: Allows users to upload photos and video for competing takes care of people in marriage or relationships. If you find yourself in an abusive or unhappy relationship, this site is for you. Nothing attests to this than the site's slogan, "Life is short. Have an affair." You are encouraged to share sexy photos to enhance physical attraction. Moreover, you can choose privacy options to make your activities discrete. The site is for those seeking the thrill of a short-term fling. is a sugar daddy dating site that caters to both male sugar daddies and female sugar babies. It provides its services to select rich countries. The site aligns with its tagline, "Sugar makes life sweeter ." User profiles are approved manually to weed out gay sugar daddy and sugar baby accounts. You can sign up free with your email or log in through Facebook.

Special Features of

  • Advanced Search
  • First date gift
  • Profile highlighting for premium members
  • Dating tips for first-time dates
  • Verified membership and income to ensure you link to genuine people is the original millionaire dating platform is for the privileged individuals in society. From lawyers, celebrities, doctors, models, CEOs, and who in society belong here.

Special Features of

  • Certified millionaires: A tool that certifies a millionaire upon presentation of documentary evidence
  • Member luxuries: Allows posting of expensive belongings by users
  • First date ideas: For sharing users' first date fantasies is a unique dating platform that provides services to users infected by STDs. People living with STDs face social stigma from society in general. Therefore, finding love and compassion is almost impossible. However, with the coming of into the limelight, their hope is rekindled.

The mantra on this site is that STDs should not deprive your personal feelings of love. Regardless, everyone deserved to be in love and loved to fulfill their sexual wishes. This site offers expert advice to its members, thereby uplifting their spirits. Many users find their ideal partners on this site with whom they live their way.

Special Features of

  • ChatRoom - Allows users to chat and discuss STD lifestyle
  • First date - Users share their insights on the first date
  • Spark - Users swipe through matches left for dislike and right for like
  • Advanced Search - Find herpes, HIV, HPV singles in your area

The site is for users interested in swinging couples. The majority of its users come from first-world countries like the USA, UK, and Germany. The site consists of users with both impressive and detailed profiles. is popular with younger males who are clear-cut about their approach to sexual encounters.

Special Features of

  • Hot date: You can let other users know your availability on the platform's calendar
  • Travel: The site has a travel agency primarily created for its members. Some of its activities include house parties and exotic trips. But most activities are carried out in exclusive swinger resorts
  • Swingers club: This contains a USA map where you can click on your state to find swinger lifestyle-friendly clubs

If you are a lesbian looking to find your perfect counterpart, then Pinkcupid is your home. While same-sex is frowned at and not fully embraced by society, Pinkcupid will make you feel you belong. The site offers both free-of-charge services and paid premium services. Notwithstanding, you should consider the premium version if you were to reap maximum benefits.

Special Features of

  • Cupid tags: Lets you describe your personality and other details vividly
  • Built-in translator: Enables users from different countries to chat effectively. So, languages will not be a barrier to the interaction of users
  • Glam photo competition: Users upload their most stunning photos. The winner runs away with a three-month free platinum subscription while runners-up, a one-month free platinum subscription. site is for transgender users. Most transgender across the globe are members of this platform. You will be able to find your match from whichever your locality. Most of the services on this platform are free of charge. Maybe its only weakness is the outdated user interface.

Special Features of

  • Forum: Users can ask any questions
  • Transgender news: Get updates on the happenings in the transgender world
  • Photo rate: Get access to hottest photos is a site meant for seniors, usually those above 50 years. Finding your partner when you are beyond 50 can be challenging. Nevertheless, with, things are made easier to find love. The platform is available in 29 countries worldwide.

Special Features of

  • Personality test feature that shows you your perfect matches
  • Allows you to add users to your favorite list
  • You send a smiley to register your interest on a profile owner you like
  • Has filters to assist match with compatible users

Reddit r4r

It is one of the websites with many users you can find out there. Redditr4r is well known for its dirtyr4r section. Users are permitted to post their sex requests. Most of the statements from users may look obscure.

Special Features of Redditr4r

  • Hookup type: Indicates what users are looking for
  • Upvote rating system: You can upvote or downvote threads of users
  • Age: Each thread has a number in front representing the age of the user who posts

Concluding Remarks

When it comes to dating online, you will have all options. Using alongside numerous other similar sites is advantageous. They help converge people with the same interests. Thus, users of the sites know they are in the right place. The users can use the dating sites conveniently at any time of the day. With the numerous customized features, you can easily find the match of your preference on these sites.

Virtually, there is no site that suits each user, hope we can help find the right one. Good luck!

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