100 Best Dirty Pick Up Lines Ever to Say to a Guy

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dirty pick up lines to say to a guy

Are you looking for a way to break the ice with that hot guy you've been eyeing? Try using one of these dirty pick-up lines! You may be surprised at how well they work. Men love it when a woman takes the lead, and what could be more suggestive than coming right out and telling him what you want? These lines are sure to get his attention – so use them wisely.

1. "Hey baby… I'm not your type. But if you were mine, I wouldn't let anyone else have you." - This pick-up line is perfect for getting a man's attention in a crowded bar or club. It will make him think about you even after he leaves.

2. "I know this looks like my kind of place, but I'm looking for someone else." - You can't go wrong with this pick-up line. It's simple and direct yet still makes him wonder who you're talking about.

3. "Do you mind if we sit down?" - If you want to start a conversation with a stranger, then ask him to join you. This works especially well if there are other people around as well.

4. "Am I the only one wet in this room." - A great pick-up line to try if you're feeling shy. Tell him that you're cold, and ask if he has an extra sweater. He'll probably offer to give you his own.

5. "It's too hot in here... Can we turn on the air conditioner?" - This is a fun pick-up line to use if you're sitting near a window. If you don't feel comfortable asking strangers to do things for you, this is a good alternative.

6. "Do you mind if I take off my top?" - This is another funny pick-up line that lets you show off your body without being too pushy. Just remember that some men might find it inappropriate.

7. "Can I buy you a drink?" - The classic pick-up line that everyone knows. Of course, you should always check whether or not it is appropriate before using it.

8."Would you like to come home with me tonight?" - This very direct pick-up line tells him exactly what you want. Don't forget to add a smile if you use it.

9. "I'm going to need something from you first." - Try saying this if you're trying to seduce a man. Please make sure you tell him what you want; otherwise, he won't know what to do next.

10. "Hey handsome, why don't you hold my purse while I go to the bathroom?" - This is a cute pick-up line that shows a little humor. Use it if you want to attract a man's attention.

11. "I'd like to see you naked." - This is a bold pick-up line that will get him thinking about you. Please don't use it unless you're confident enough.

12. "May I kiss you?" - This is a sweet pick up line that's suitable for any situation. It's also a good way to test the waters before making a move.

13. "Can I touch you?" - Use this pick-up line if you want to flirt with a man. He'll probably laugh at first, but he'll soon realize that you mean business.

14. "Let me help you carry those bags." - This is a nice pick up line because it doesn't sound like you're hitting on him. Instead, you're offering to help him out. - This is a hilarious pick-up line that you can use if you're bored. You'll be able to get rid of him quickly since most guys will find it rude.

16. "What's your sign?" - This is a great question to ask when you meet someone new. You can learn so much about them by finding their zodiac sign!

17. "The party was awesome last night. How did you end up dancing with me?" - You can use this pick-up line after a few drinks have been consumed. Be careful, though, because it could make you seem desperate.

18. "Do you think I'm sexy?" - If you want to impress a guy, you should use this pick-up line. But be careful because it sounds kind of creepy.

19. "Do you want to watch TV?" - This is a simple pick-up line that works well for many situations. You can use it during dinner, or whenever there's nothing else to do.

20. "How would you describe yourself in one word?" - This is a good pick-up line to try and figure out how compatible you two are. For example, if you both love sports, then you can talk about that.

21. "Why don't we take a shower together?" - This is a fun pick-up line that makes you sound playful. If you want to pull off a successful pick-up, then you should use it.

22. "I'm looking for a friend who likes to stay up late." - This is a funny pick-up line that lets him know that you're easygoing. Try using it if you want to start a conversation with a stranger.

23. "Where do you live?" - This polite pick-up line allows you to get to know each other better. You can use it even if you've never met before.

24. "Would you like to come over tonight?" - This is an open invitation for a date, which means that you're not asking him to a sleepover. So, if you want to hit on a guy, you need to use this pick-up.

25. "I bet you taste delicious." - This compliment pick-up line tells him that you think he's attractive. Use it if you want to attract his attention.

26. "Have you ever seen a rainbow?" - This is a cute pick-up line that shows that you're interested in what he has to say. Then, you can use it to strike up a conversation with a stranger.

27. "Will you go hiking with me?" - This is another pick-up line if you are into dating that will allow you to bond with a guy. If you're trying hookups, you shouldn't use it.

28. "Can we have some gymnastics tonight." - This is a fun way to show interest in a guy. It also gives you the chance to see if he's athletic enough to join you.

29. " Can I have it in my place or your place." - This is a great pick-up line that helps you decide where you'd rather spend time. But, of course, this is perfect if you want to play games.

30. "Let's go camping." - This is another great pick up line for those who enjoy outdoor activities. You can use it at any point in the day, but it's best to use it early in the morning.

31. "What's your favorite color?" - This is a nice way to find out more about a person. You can use it when you first meet someone or anytime throughout the date.

32." Can we make ourselves useful on your bed tonight?" - This is a very sexual pick-up line that leaves no doubt about what you want from him. But, unfortunately, it's perfect for getting into trouble.

32. "Do you wear boxers or briefs?" - This is a question that allows you to find out more about him. You can ask it in different ways, such as: "do you wear boxers or boxer shorts?" or "what kind of underwear do you prefer?"

33. "You look like you could be a model." - A complimentary pick-up line says that you think he looks handsome. Use it if you're attracted to him.

34. "Are you a cat or a dog?" - This simple question allows you to learn more about a man. You can ask it during a casual conversation or when you first meet him.

35. "You remind me of my ex-boyfriend." - This weird pick-up line doesn't work unless you are already friends. But, if you want to try something new, you should give it a shot.

36. "I love you so much I would eat you for breakfast and lunch and dinner." - This funny pick-up line lets him know how crazy you are about him. You can use it whenever you feel like it, but it's best used when you first start talking to him.

37. "I'm going to kiss you now." - This is a bold pick-up line that makes sure he knows exactly what you want. If you don't want to scare him off, then you should only use it after you've gotten to know each other better.

38. "I want to see you naked." - This pretty blunt pick-up line is perfect for those who want to get straight to the point. You can use this line if you want to seduce a guy.

39. "I wanna lick all over you." - If you want to tell a guy that you want to lick his body, then this is the pick-up line for you.

40. "I need to taste you." - This is a sexy pick-up line that tells him exactly what you want. You can use it anytime during the night, but it's best done before sex.

41. "I'll take care of you until you can take care of yourself." - This is an old fashioned pick-up line that shows that you respect a man. But, of course, you can use it with men.

42. "I want to be inside of you." - This is one of the most popular pick-up lines because it's very direct. You can use this pick-up line at any time, but it works best when you first start talking.

43. "I want to have sex with you right here." - This is a fun pick-up line that will leave him wondering what you mean by it. Use it when you want to show him that you're not afraid to get physical.

44. "Let's go upstairs and fuck." - This simple pick-up line gives him the impression that you want to have sex with him. You can use this anytime during the night, especially if you're feeling romantic.

45. "Will you come home with me?" - This is a safe pick-up line that allows you to find a way into his apartment without having to worry about being rejected. Use it if you want to invite him back to your place.

46. "Can we fool around?" - This is a good pick-up line that asks permission from a guy. It's usually said when you first talk to him, but you can also use it later on in the night.

47. "Do you want to play doctor?" - This is a fun and flirty pick-up line that leaves him guessing what you mean by it and whether or not he wants to play along.

48. "When was the last time you had sex?" - This is a great pick-up line that gets right down to business. You can use this whenever you feel like it.

49. "You look like someone who could use some loving." - This sweet pick-up line says that you think he needs some affection. You can use it when you first meet him, or even later in the night if he seems interested.

50. "Would you like to sleep together tonight?" - This is a nice pick up line that helps you get to know him better. He may not respond positively, so you shouldn't use this unless you really want to.

51. "I'd love to make out with you." - This is another sweet pick-up line. You can use it if you want to let him know how much you enjoy making out with him.

52. "I'm going to give you head." - This funny pick-up line lets him know that you are willing to do anything for him. You can use it at any time, but you should probably save it for after sex.

53. "I want to see your cock." - This is a bold pick-up line that makes sure he knows that you want to see his penis. You can use it whenever you want, but it's best saved for the end of the night.

54. "You make me feel like I am gonna be pregnant."

55. "You are such a naughty handsome guy. Welcome to my bedroom."

56. "You are so sexy. I wanna eat you up."

57. "Your body is amazing."

58. "You are so handsome. I want to kiss every inch of you."

59. "You are so hot I want to suck all over you."

60. "You are so beautiful. I want to lick you all over."

61. "You are so cute. I want to bite you."

62. "You are so sexy you make me cum twice."

63. "You are so hot you make me horny."

64. “Can we test the results of our genes mixture."

65. "You are so hot. I want to fuck you."

66. "I would love to taste your dick."

67. "I would love to eat you out."

68. "Do you like bad girls? Guess what. Am bad at everything."

69. "Do you like big boobs? Well, I got them"

70. "Do you like big ass? Because mine is huge."

71. "I work with a service delivery company. Can I handle your private package?"

72. "What will be your plan beside me tonight."

73. "Are you ready for an adventure."

74. "Are you ready for a ride."

75. "Are you ready for something special."

76. "Are you ready for the most important thing in a relationship."

77. "Are you ready to have a baby with me?"

78. "Are you ready to go wild?"

79. "Can I send my hands for an exploration mission under your pants."

80. "Can you take off your clothes for me."

81. "Will you have your head between my thighs."

82. "Will you join me in bed."

83. "Will you watch me while I am sleeping."

84. "Nice car, should we create quickie memories"

85. "Nice car. Where shall we go for a quickie."

86. "It's been so cold this season, and you are so hot."

87. "It will be fun. Let us do it tonight."

88. "Can I check what's moving on your pants."

89. "Do you have the energy to pin me down tonight."

90. "Do you have the stamina to last all night long."

91. "Do you have the skills to satisfy me."

92. "Do you have the strength to rock my world."

93. "Do you have the touch to turn me on."

94. "Do you have the willpower to keep me satisfied."

95. "Do you have the X factor in making me scream."

96. "I'll give you a message if you kiss me."

97. "Do you want to watch a movie?"

98. "Do you believe in love at first sight?"

99. "Do you like being dominated by a woman?"

100. "Do you think you could be my slave?"

Men love women who are dominant over them. This is one of the best ways to show him that you're not afraid to assert yourself. So there you have it! These are some of the best pick up lines ever written. If you find yourself stuck when getting laid, try using one of these lines next time. They're guaranteed to get you laid.

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